The goal of our workplace consultants is to provide high quality safety and health services through:

  1. Assessing the workplace for risk, i.e., quantifying exposures to loss that include potential hazards to employee safety and to property damage,

  2. Providing comprehensive and confidential services and training to clients based on needs assessed,

  3. Working with clients to develop site-specific, continuous improvement to the safety processes,

  4. Identifying and designing support systems for successful safety process implementation and maintenance, and

  5. Providing follow-up services and audits to ensure continuous improvement in the safety process.

SAFETY -- Because it’s the right thing to do!


Cost-effective Solutions, Customized Services
Certified Safety Consulting, LLC understands the tough challenges facing industry and the unique problems consumers and homeowners face. We provide organizations and individuals with safety, health, and environmental consultation services focusing on cost-effective solutions that work! Our mission is to provide services that are customized to meet client needs and help to achieve optimum safety, health and environmental performance.

Delegating Special Projects
Many companies choose to delegate the responsibility of implementing special projects to a professional safety consulting firm. Outsourcing specialized management initiatives are often the most efficient, cost-effective means for providing services that are tailored to the individual needs of the company. As your consulting firm, our qualified consultants study the work environment to ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulations, identify sources of non-compliance and potential hazards, and suggest control strategies.

Performance-based Approach
An essential part of our safety consultants’ responsibility to the client is to provide education for employers and employees. Our corporate safety, health and environmental consultants believe training is the cornerstone of every successful safety and health process. Our workplace safety specialists’ performance-based approach to safety education and consulting is designed for companies to achieve their safety and business goals.


Identifying Your Needs

As safety, health and environmental issues gain more significance with organizational strategic planning, many businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to coordinate and implement an effective safety process, as well as provide training expertise at a nominal expense. Successful employers recognize the value of employees and their effect on profitability; and are taking steps to protect their health and safety by hiring effective safety and health consultants.